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Highlights: Mombee and Aunt Silly take Reykjavik!

After Kara left, my mom (known to Everett as Mombee) arrived for two weeks, and my sister Hannah (affectionately nicknamed Aunt Silly) joined her for the second week.  So we got a full month of extra help with a new baby, so awesome.  Some of the sweetest moments I don’t have pictures of, like getting to take my mom to two playgroups to meet everyone whom I’ve gotten to know over the past few months, just hanging out in the flat reading or watching videos with Everett, mom cooking most nights, wandering around town, shopping, and stopping at playgrounds, and the moments when they took both kids and I got to rest some!  We took one road trip that included Þingvellir and the southern coast down in Vík, and mom and Hannah headed to the Blue Lagoon one day.  Here are a few favorite pictures of mine:

whale watching, or really, rocky boat ride in the cold and looking at a lot of water:)

Watching some new dvd’s Aunt Silly brought with her

The girls at Þingvellir; we also got some great family portrait shots here but I’m saving those for the Christmas card.

Hannah and I (and Bryndís, hiding in the sling under the blanket) on the beach at Vík. This isn’t the best picture, but I wanted to show the cool rock formations behind us. It was a beautiful day to drive down there!

Skogafoss; not part of the planned day trip but we spotted it on our way home and had to let mom and Hannah get out. I was pretty ok with not unstrapping two babies again, but would love to go back one day and climb up to the top. How gorgeous!  Hannah took this picture, btw

Sheep! I have an absurd number of pictures of sheep and horses from our various drives, so it’s about time I threw one in here. There’s just something so magical about the way these animals are allowed to roam the countryside until they’re needed, and they are EVERYWHERE.  But sheep are particularly special, not just because I love knitting with their wool, but because my mom has a thing for them and decorated MY nursery with little sheep stencils.


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Whirlwind of Baldwins

In a pub near Leicester Square

So my family was visiting with us this past week, and after some crazy sightseeing, I have a new appreciation for all of those out there who manage to be so super busy and still post on their blog with lovely pictures and graphics every day.  That is not me.  Anyway, here’s a little rundown of all the things we found to do with my mom, dad, brother and sister:
Saturday: they arrive in the am, we go to Aubain to celebrate Nate’s birthday, followed by this cake (so yummy!) that I made at home.  I think he liked it.
Sunday: leisurely breakfast cooked in The Teensy Weensy Cafe by my mom, then a walk through Hyde Park to the bustling Harrods, then back again.  Nate and Hannah proceeded elsewhere (Westminster area, I think?)

Nate's excited about his birthday cake

Monday: Breakfast at the Muffin Man, then I stayed home with Everett for some down time while mom, dad, Nate and Hannah headed to the Tower of London.  Late in the afternoon we met at Oxford Circus for some shopping.
Tuesday: Bus tour of London–so touristy, but so the best idea ever.  We chased this with lunch at a pub in Leicester Square, then more shopping for some of us.

Uncle Nate and Everett on the river cruise

Wednesday: River cruise (came free with the bust tour), and we decided to board at the farthest point away which was Greenwich Pier.  Foggy day, but still fun.  I left the fam at Westminster Pier to explore Westminster Abbey (which they loved) while I went home with Everett for a couple hours of down time and a bath before we all trekked down to North Dulwich for home cooked curry at the home of a former colleague of my father’s.  So fun but Everett couldn’t get to sleep so the 3 E’s ducked out early.

Nate and Hannah at the Baths

Thursday: Took the train out west to Bath on a perfectly gorgeous day.  Just took our time meandering around the town, went inside the Abbey, and of course, the Roman Baths.  So so cool.  We finished out the day by having tea at the Sally Lunn restaurant, in the oldest house in Bath, and home of the very yummy Sally Lunn Bun.

Friday: I stayed in while the family went to Buckingham Palace just to see it and ran an errand, then we split up: Dad and Nate headed to Borough Market where they ate all sorts of yummy things, while Hannah, Mom and I wandered Kensington High Street and the Portobello Market.
Saturday: Met everyone at the Pret a Manger in the tube station to say good bye to Mom, Dad and Hannah as they head back to the States.  Nate sticks around, and after Everett’s morning nap, we head back to Greenwich and enjoy the market there as well as a gorgeous sunny day!  In the evening, he and Eric head to a pub for a pint (or few) while I put Everett to bed and watch a movie.  Solo.  Love it.

At Sally Lunn in Bath

We had such a great time together, it was a blast to have everyone here and to go do some things I might not have done otherwise.  I was also so glad for Everett to spend time with his family–he seemed to really thrive on all the attention and grew more interactive and talkative with each passing day, and seemed to develop some endurance for long outings!  If you are friends with me or my mom on Facebook, and you’re at all interested, you can seem some more pictures (I’m over my upload limit for Flickr for the month and am too cheap to pay for an upgrade–anyone know a way to reduce the size of a lot of pictures at once?)

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Little Discoveries, Weeks 4-5

So I skipped out on this last Thursday due to the furious birthday preparations (I believe I was making the cake last Thursday night!) so here’s the list that’s been gathering since last week:

  • Standard crib (ahem, “cot”) mattresses are about 8 inches shorter and 10 inches narrower here than in the states! Glad I checked before I started making sheets from a tutorial written by someone in the US!
  • So, looking for baby acetaminophen in the store (for our little almost teether) and discovered they don’t have it. Instead? Paracetamol. Presumably it’s basically the same.
  • BBC’s iPlayer, a limited substitution for my beloved HULU. Along with this? The discovery that Season 4 of Mad Men is just now airing (or maybe re-airing) here—excellent news b/c I deliberately didn’t watch it when it was on in the States thinking I’d save it for after Everett was born then buy the whole season from iTunes. Now I don’t have to!
  • Family Rooms at John Lewis—something the U.S. really needs! (How have the shopping malls NOT figured this out yet?) This is not just a “family bathroom” but a room separated into a family restroom, a breast feeding area with a curtain, bottle feeding area, and changing area complete with a counter of 3 stations and several trash cans (ahem, rubbish bins)
  • The haberdashery and stationery sections at both John Lewis and Liberty of London—I mean, these department stores are true departments stores in that you can get anything there (and not like Wal-Mart style, these places are SERIOUSLY classy!) Liberty has a long tradition of producing absolutely gorgeous fabrics themselves—have a peek at the website and tell me you’re not drooling!  John Lewis had a decent fabric and notions section, as well as a selection of yarns, patterns and needles, and with the Family Rooms there I could’ve staid for hours:) I feel like I deserve a reward for not spending every last cent we have on fabric and notions at both stores.
  • People here are shockingly sweet to me as I travel all over with Everett in the stroller–I often hardly make it to the first step in a tube station before someone’s offering to grab the bottom and help me up or down!  I’ve had several very sweet split-second interactions with these strangers–smartly dressed business men, young men in torn jeans and headphones, two older women who helped me together, the young woman with an armful of shopping bags– as they exchange smiles with Everett, commiserate over how inaccessible the tube is for anyone on wheels, or share their stories of remembering doing the same with their children.
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