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Breaks are Good

I really needed a break from blogging when we left Iceland, it felt like I just needed to let that time rest and in some ways continue at the same time by leaving my last post up for a good long while.  I still have things  to catch up on, perhaps in a designated time each week to stretch out the remembering as long and sweetly as possible.  We miss our life there, but returning to St. Louis has also been joyful, and we have packed in the craziness (as we do so well!) since coming back to the States.  The weather here is starting to feel a bit like Iceland. . .well, Iceland in July. . .and we’re putting our sweaters and hats back on after a month or so of shorts and t-shirts–just the right amount of time for me, I think.

I look forward to sharing more about St. Louis life, but first, Art House America has kindly published another essay of mine, this time about Iceland (here’s mine from last summer, about Dutch L’Abri).  While you’re over on that blog, check out some of the other articles there, there’s something for everyone and they’re always worth the time.  Here’s the link to my essay.

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Art House America Blog

Hey faithful readers!  So I haven’t posted in awhile. . .but I have been writing and I’m thrilled to share it with you!  Jenni Simmons, editor of the Art House America Blog, kindly invited me to write an essay having something to do with our time at L’Abri.  I was so honored–I have been enjoying this beautiful collection of short and sweet reflective essays for several months now.  It took three drafts and some serious tough love editing from Eric to get something I felt I could send to Jenni, but it’s up today, horray!  Click on the Art House logo below and my essay, Daily Bread, is fourth from the top.  But don’t miss all the other amazing writers–I never fail to find something inspiring when I visit.  Thanks, Jenni!

The other fun activity I’ve been occupied with lately is an art show opening up at the new Kingsbury Gallery at Grace & Peace Fellowship in the Skinker-DeBalivier neighborhood here in St. Louis.  So if you’re a local and you love good art, Various and Sundry: A Ted Smith Retrospective opens this Saturday, the 17th, with a reception from 7-9pm in the gallery.  Ted is a founding member of Grace & Peace and has worked as an artist and graphic designer for over 40 years.  This exhibition, organized to complement the celebration of Grace & Peace’s 42nd anniversary, showcases a variety of Ted’s work including a series of charcoal portraits, small graphic work, larg-scale paintings and banners, and drawings.  We will also have giclee prints of one of Ted’s original drawings available for sale to benefit the Kingsbury Gallery programs.

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