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Flashback to June: On our own, learning the ropes, enjoying each other

I had a hard time believing that, once my mom and sister left, we could possibly manage two children on our own.  Who would hold the baby while one of us bathed Everett and the other finished dinner?  Who would play with Everett while Eric worked and I fed the baby? How could I get both kids ready at the same time to go out, get back in time for dinner, and MAKE dinner all by myself while Eric worked?  HOW DO PEOPLE DO THIS?

Well, we have managed, and pretty well most of the time, if I do say so myself.  We even found time to enjoy each other!  Now, did I also find time to take pictures of it all?  Not really, but here are a few special moments from the relatively calm month of June.

The Festival of the Sea–this wasn’t a great day as we missed the best entertainment and it was crowded and Bryndís kind of lost it part way through, but we did discover this perfect place to throw rocks into the water.

There are no trains in Iceland, except for this old locamotive that’s parked by the harbor. I think there’s also a sign that says not to climb on it, but it’s in Icelandic so I claim ignorance 🙂

Nauthollsvík Beach, a very cool place; closest we’ll get to a real beach this summer.

June 17th, Icelandic Independence Day; Reykjavik got a little crowded as people from all over descended on the city for the celebration. We enjoyed the weather, some live music, and a classic car parade.

A true victory for me–we walked a good distance to Kjarvalstadir, one branch of the Reykjavik Art Museum that houses a lot of work by the artist Kjarval (love his stuff), and since it’s surrounded by a park I managed to time it perfectly so that Everett got to play for an hour, then was tired enough to sit still while I actually went on a TOUR! Then we all ate the lunch we brought in the museum cafe, and walked home in time for naps.  (I love Ev’s expression here, like, “um, Mom, I’m reading here”)

Naps all around, crucial to survival.



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Heima, part 4: Hanging out with Kiddos

We get out and about as much as possible as Everett’s energy level seems to increase daily and he needs more to keep him occupied than can be (safely, undestructively) found in our home.  But occasionally we do have a few lovely moments just chilling at home together, sometimes involved in activities together, sometimes everyone doing their own thing.
One of Ev’s favorite new things to do is climb into our bed with a book (or 5) and flip through them–literally, he loves just fanning through the pages–sometimes under the covers, sometimes sprawled out, and almost always with violently kicking feet and healthy doses of drool.
 This photo’s from awhile back, when we first moved in here in April, (and I have since had to retire that lovely red and white sweater due to a massive growth spurt in late April), but this fort stayed up for a few weeks and was a favorite place to summon Daddy when he came home in the evening.
At first, I thought this coffee table was an awkward height; then we set up the trains:)

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This Moment (a new tradition drawn from SouleMama)

Thanks to the SouleMama blog for this, hopefully I can keep up:  {this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week.* A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

If you’re inspired to do the same, leave a link to your ‘moment’ in the comments for all to find and see.

*Technically this is not from this week, but I have so many sweet pictures from my time away from the blog that I thought this would be a nice forum for showcasing them.


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I have been meaning to post for a couple days now but keep falling asleep when I put Everett down for his nap!   Interesting how my efforts to wear HIM out wear me out just as much.  But we have been finding some things to do, despite our current lack of a stroller (for which I’d like to kick myself–it was in the garage when we left my parents house and I completely forgot to make sure it got in the car.  Realized this on the way to the airport when we were already running late, of course).  So anyway, here’s a little bit of what we’ve been up to at home and outside over the past several days (I really can’t figure out how to arrange my pictures properly in WordPress. . .anyone with insight feel free to comment!):

Sleeping in the makeshift pallet at the end of our bed. . . .Playing in his “fort” upon waking.

Playing chef or tea party; hanging out in the fort daddy made from the crib box and a basket

Chasing geese; clutching a beloved snowball during a walk in the slush up to the nearby bakery

Playing in the sink, always a favorite.

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Belated 1st Birthday

So I confess, life back in St. Louis hardly seems blog-worthy these days.  Eric teaches two days a week, during which he has our only car, and keeps a pretty rigorous research and writing schedule the other three-to-four days, so mostly I hang out with Everett, try to keep the place liveable amongst a mess of stuff that has been displaced from the lowest shelves, and try to find things to keep both of us occupied, inside or outside the house.  This does not often include world-class museums, monuments, or even shopping that is not necessary for survival.  And it rarely leaves time anymore for creative endeavors.  Eric’s mom was visiting us for awhile back in September, which gave me some extra time, and planning and preparing for Everett’s first birthday party–which we held a week and a half after his actual birthday–has been my main creative outlet recently.  I thought it would be fun to have a travel-themed party, given the fact that Everett spent more of his first year outside of the U.S. than here, so we had some travel themed activities, favors, and food from each country we visited.  Both sets of grandparents were here, as well as my brother, and we had an absolutely perfect day for the outdoor affair.  I think it was a total success!

Little sketchbooks made to look like passports ("PASSPORT" is stamped in gold on them but it was pretty hard to see), along with stickers that looked like passport stamps

Our favor boxes, meant to look kinda like suitcases, with some luggage tags made from leftover oilcloth scraps--tutorial anyone? They were super easy to make! Inside were European candies (from World Market) and space for their activities like. . .

these little wooden airplanes from Oriental Trading Co., easily "painted" with crayola markers!

Some decor--simple flags cut from an old U.S. road atlas and sewn together at the top--also super easy!

The cake--maple walnut with maple cream cheese icing--to represent Canada (along with the moose finger-puppet-turned-cake-topper)

The birthday boy with his first taste of cake

Our earliest guests enjoying themselves--eventually the backyard was full of toddlers and older sibblings and parents and it was fantastic!

Unfortunately I didn’t get any good pictures of the food table, I was too busy trying to get the food finished and out and keeping cool or warm!  But we had dutch pannekoeken (pancakes, a lot like crepes) with nutella and other spreads, scones with jam and cream mini steak and ale pies, chips (fries) with malt vinegar (English style) and mayonaise (Dutch style), salad with our favorite L’Abri recipe dressing, and Icelandic skyr (yogurt) that I managed to find at Whole Foods.

Everett opened presents with just family after everyone else had left, at which point he was totally overwhelmed and a bit glassy-eyed so the pictures are more amusing than adorable, but he got lots of good stuff, and we are grateful for lots of new toys to keep him occupied (we had painfully few after all the traveling!)

I am hoping to participate in a couple of craft shows coming up, and I also want to add a few things to my currently inactive etsy shop, so keep an eye out for a possible giveaway as I attempt to draw more attention to myself:)


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A Little Dirt on a Monday

I have high hopes of returning to crafting soon (before and after pics of my messy studio may make an appearance), and will post the things I make for Everett’s upcoming birthday–they will be done in time for his party on October 1st, not his actual birthday, which is Wednesday.  That’s just how it’s gotta be.  And maybe once that’s through, I’ll make room for a giveaway of some kind, wouldn’t that be fun?!

But before all of that, I just cannot resist posting a few adorable pics of my little man, who was overjoyed when the grey day brightened up this evening just as I was starting to prepare dinner.  I took a break to take him into the backyard for some much-needed sunshine and dirt.  The results (beware, this proud mama of an almost 1-year-old definitely went overboard with the pictures):

I've got my trowell and I'm ready to work, Mama!

I'll start with the arugula (or rocket, for our European friends),

Moving on to the basil!

dirty bottom. . .I mean, c'mon, how could I NOT allow this?

This thing makes a crinkly sound I'm really diggin'

Dirty hands

But it's really all much better without the clothes

So then a police chopper came circling RIGHT overhead and we were reminded that, Oh yeah, we live in the city, and sometimes bank robbers get loose and we should probably go inside and avoid getting caught in any potential crossfire.

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Oh Canada!

For those of you who don’t actually know me personally, my family has a cottage up on the Georgian Bay in southern Ontario that we visit every summer (those of you who do know me personally have probably heard me wax poetic about this place ad nauseum on a few different occasions).  My grandfather, Papa George, bought it back in the ’60’s when my mom was a little girl.  He managed to take a collapsing cabin built at the turn of the 20th century, propped it up on car jack (yes, really) to rebuild the foundations, and turn it into a truly magical family vacation spot, if a little bit high maintenance still.  It’s very rustic–no electricity, propane for fridge, oven/stove, and some lights; no hot water–we bathe in the lake, pump water from the lake into a tank for the kitchen sink, heat water on the stove for dinner, and best of all, have a composting, water-free toilet (seriously).  A huge reason for all of this is that the property is actually an island unto itself, surrounded by thousands of these little islands that make up cottage country just a few hours north of Toronto.  I’ve only missed 3-4 summers for various reasons since I was born and can’t really imagine vacationing anywhere else; we start seriously dreaming about the island around Christmas time every year.  This summer was extra special, I think, because not only were we newly returned from months abroad, but both my brother and sister came as well (they couldn’t last year), AND our dear friends Kenny and Katy Hutson with their little girl Story, who is just a few months younger than Everett, joined us for about 5 days.  We stayed a total of about 3 weeks before heading back to St. Louis for good.  Some select pics for your enjoyment:

Yes, it really looks like this almost every evening.

Everett decided he LOVED the cold water the last week we were there--made him sleep well too!

Daddy and Everett hanging out on the front porch

An afternoon to myself while the little one napped and Eric and my brother went fishing



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