Heima, Part 3: Hosting

12 Jul

I LOVE hosting people in my home, though sadly pregnancy, newborn-bouncing, and toddler-chasing have made doing so more difficult than I’d like.  But we have had occasion to host three little gatherings in our flat.  For two of them I will refrain from showing pictures as they show little ones who do not belong to me, but we had our dear friend Diane and her family over just after moving in, then we hosted playgroup one Friday, which was a total blast.  It was chaos, to be sure, but a beautiful chaos of mamas and kiddos running about and I was very proud of Everett and how well he handled all these kids playing with his toys in his space.

That was three days before the baby girl was born, and the very day before, we had the pleasure of hosting our friends Nicola and David for afternoon tea and cake. Nicola is a friend of Eric’s from when he studied here on a Fulbright back in ’05-’06, and David is her lovely beau who was studying here for a few months this spring.  It was such a pleasure to catch them for a couple of hours before they both headed back to England!

This yogurt cake was FANTASTIC! and so easy. Being in Iceland, of course I used skyr. Recipe via Pinterest from Ezra Pound Cake.

Enjoying tea amongst the mess–Everett loves to show off for guests, and anyone we talk to on Skype, and this usually involves pulling out every toy, presenting it to the lucky recipient, then flinging it aimlessly but with force.

It’s funny to reflect on this afternoon that was so peaceful and enjoyable, and contained bits of conversation that went something like, “so when are you due?” “2 1/2 weeks to go!  Hopefully she’ll hold on that long!”  and less than 24 hours later, we were holding our little one!  Wild.

I must share that Nicola, despite only being in Iceland for a short time to visit David after a good spell apart, very kindly took the time to make us dinner later that week (a fantastic lasagna!) and they both got to meet Bryndís.  Life is so sweet sometimes.


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