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11 Mar

This 30-weeks-pregnant+toddler combination is totally kicking my butt–I don’t wanna whine TOO much, but if you can put up with just a little bit then I’ll tell you that between leg cramps every morning, a few flights of stairs for every outing, multiple outings to wear Everett out so he’ll sleep, not to mention some other pregnancy-related aches and pains that I really don’t need to go into here, this body of mine is tired!  So, I have to use my time wisely, which usually means that Everett’s nap time is my nap time, or I won’t make it through the day.  But with less house and less stuff to manage (loving it!) I actually do have the option to do some things I love with a little spare time.  Like sewing and knitting and making birthday presents, yay!  I’ve got a few projects to share with you, so I’ll stretch them out over a couple of posts.

First Up: Easiest Ever Bibs for the Very Messy Boy


  • Laminated cotton, oilcloth, or other vinyl fabric (I used half a meter of 54″ wide fabric to make 4 bibs)
  • Newspaper or other large paper (parchment/baking paper and newsprint work well too) to make your pattern
  • Sewing machine and a non-stick teflon foot–important for keeping the slippery fabric from skipping or sticking, I found one for about $5 online and trust me, you want one.
  • Coordinating thread
  • Pinking shears (optional)

I found some great laminated cotton fabric at a home goods store near us, bought a meter, and had plenty to make 4 of these and will make myself an apron with the rest. (and sorry for the odd lighting, I have this light that’s great to work by, not so great for taking lovely pretty pictures)

First, create your pattern: trace an existing bib, or make one up–draw desired shape onto your paper (fold paper in half and just draw half of it!), cut it out, try it on your kid and adjust.  Then trace your pattern directly onto the back of the fabric with just a regular old pencil and cut it out.  (Rae also has a very basic printable bib pattern here, which I used last spring to make these, but this time I wanted something wider and rounder, personally).

The only other piece you’ll need is the bottom pocket, which you can make just by tracing the bottom portion of the whole-bib piece–from the bottom to about 3″ up.  Trace and cut from fabric.  Take the pocket piece and sew a straight seam across the top flat edge, then cut seam allowance (only about 1/4″ at most) with pinking shears.

Once your pocket piece is ready, line up its bottom edge with the bottom edge of the whole-bib piece and use scotch or masking tape to hold it in place (I just put a couple small pieces along the top flat edge, not near where the seam will be b/c I didn’t want to pick the tape out of the stitches). Sew a straight-stitch seam around the whole bib, again with a very small seam allowance, then cut with pinking shears (optional, but a pinked edge covers a multitude of sewing sins and can make something this simple look just a little more finished). Attach snaps or velcro (black velcro is all I had!) at the neck pieces and you’re done!

I confess to altering the shape of my bib after putting the first one onto the boy–made it a little longer and narrower–before I made the three pictured here. They work great and are both wipeable and washable!

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One response to “Things I’ve been doing instead of blogging. . .

  1. Purple Pixie in Dixie

    March 11, 2012 at 7:22 pm

    This looks so easy to do and I am slightly addicted to fabric right now, so I could make it look a million different ways! My little girl isn’t wearing bibs so much anymore, but this would be perfect to make for the church bazaar.
    Thank you for the idea!


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