Heima, Part 1

28 Feb

This flat has its issues, to be sure (bad kitchen appliances, ugly floor, thin walls), but I also feel like we lucked out with it in so many ways.  I thought I’d do a series of posts of just us, or our things, “at home” here.  This will only be home until April 1st when we move to a flat in the city center.  The BEST thing about this flat, I think, is the giant window in the living room, and this afternoon while Everett napped, I was removing layers as the sun beat in and warmed up the place (despite rather cold temperatures outside).  It also made taking pictures quite fun, so here are just a few:

Knitting and tea with the BBC World Service while child sleeps–doesn’t get much better.

The morning, however, was not quite so pleasant–cold and windy walk to the immigration office where they were less than helpful–so it was definitely a 2-teabag kind of afternoon.

Yep, my yarn is slightly tangled. Thank you Everett.  (btw, I can’t reveal the nature of this project just in case the intended recipient is reading.  Will show once finished and received:)

I was really enjoying these shadows.

P.S.  “heima” is the Icelandic word for home.  It also happens to be the title of a series of concerts and subsequent film by the famous band Sigur Ròs.  If you like them, or are just into music, check out this website that’s full of Icelandic bands that are NOT Sigur Ròs.

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