A Little Dirt on a Monday

19 Sep

I have high hopes of returning to crafting soon (before and after pics of my messy studio may make an appearance), and will post the things I make for Everett’s upcoming birthday–they will be done in time for his party on October 1st, not his actual birthday, which is Wednesday.  That’s just how it’s gotta be.  And maybe once that’s through, I’ll make room for a giveaway of some kind, wouldn’t that be fun?!

But before all of that, I just cannot resist posting a few adorable pics of my little man, who was overjoyed when the grey day brightened up this evening just as I was starting to prepare dinner.  I took a break to take him into the backyard for some much-needed sunshine and dirt.  The results (beware, this proud mama of an almost 1-year-old definitely went overboard with the pictures):

I've got my trowell and I'm ready to work, Mama!

I'll start with the arugula (or rocket, for our European friends),

Moving on to the basil!

dirty bottom. . .I mean, c'mon, how could I NOT allow this?

This thing makes a crinkly sound I'm really diggin'

Dirty hands

But it's really all much better without the clothes

So then a police chopper came circling RIGHT overhead and we were reminded that, Oh yeah, we live in the city, and sometimes bank robbers get loose and we should probably go inside and avoid getting caught in any potential crossfire.

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