Sins of Omission

16 Sep

Mom and Dad, a.k.a. Andy and Scott, on the boat


Ack!  Would you believe that in my post about our Canada trip I left out THE most important people who were there?!  My Mom and Dad, the king and queen of that rustic castle!  I think in my mind I was assuming you all would just know they were there because this was a family vacation, just like every summer since I was Everett’s age.  They make this place and this annual trip possible, working their tails off to improve and keep up the place, drive all the way there with a boat we all use, and cooking and cleaning for all their guests.

The amazing deck, we call it the world's biggest play pen, that my dad designed and built to replace a rather precarious walkway that collapsed a couple years ago. This was baby central this year!

Dad with his boy. Mom's always TAKING the pictures, so I don't have many good ones of her! (doen't help that she hides when you try either)

This year was so different from last year, when Eric and I only got to stay a week and my brother and sister were both overseas, and I was so pregnant that I pretty much just napped and knitted all day.  This year it was particularly special to have the whole family back together and get to share a full two weeks with Mom and Dad after being out of the country ourselves for so long.  I hope they’ll forgive me for leaving them out of my first hurried jots about the trip!

At Henry's, a fish 'n' chips restaurant only rechable by boat. One of our annual rituals!



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