31 Aug

About a week ago I sat down and started to write a long essay about our time at L’Abri with the hope of posting it soon.  I have concluded, however, that the long hand material is probably best left to my journal or a conversation over coffee (should you and I ever get the chance).  For here and now I will just say that it was a phenomenal period in the life of our family.  We learned a lot; I feel like I learned a whole lot about myself, which I hope will lead to a more fruitful life of service in God’s kingdom, as well as continued growth and a delightfully unquenchable yearning for truth and beauty.  We learned a lot about our marriage and about being parents, and the experience of meeting and getting to know and spend some rather intense time with people from all over the world was extraordinary and special.  I think the most difficult aspect of leaving and going forward, as filled up as I have felt, is the separation from a group of people who were so important to our daily lives in a more intense way than one can find anywhere else.  It feels a little like being pushed out of the nest sometimes, but it is a new challenge to continue those relationships over distance and  to find ways to continue to be a part of each other’s daily lives.

I give you now a whole slew of pictures that I feel just scratch the surface of capturing the beauty of this place and our time there this summer:

Huize Kortenhoeve, the main house

Eric's desk with his collection of books for the research he did while we were there (when the project comes to fruition, you can be sure I will shamelessly plug it here!!)

Tea break! (Thanks to Noah Emrich for the picture; he's way too cool to be my friend, but I'm glad he is:-))

Pitting endless amounts of sour cherries (how awesome that it was cool enough in June to wear a scarf?)

Strawberry rhubarb pie by yours truly for afternoon tea

Bonfire on a Sunday evening

New friend Story in the living room at evening coffee time

Mia (Everett's little buddy) in the pajamas I made for her (still more time for sewing!!)

Everett loving the tire swing (in the days when he would still wear a hat)

I hope we get to go back one day but for now I’m thankful we got to go at all, and thankful for every person that we met, the deeper friendships that had a chance to evolve over the 7 week stay, the books read, the lectures listened to, the frustrating, challenging, maddening moments, and the sweetness of a simplified life.


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