A Little Handstitching for some Little Hands

08 May

I love making stuff for others; gift giving is definitely one of my love languages, if you will.  I had an excellent conversation with my husband the other night about this in which he gently and beautifully reminded me to be careful of seeking validation in this gift giving, but rather to hope that said gifts might reveal a little bit of Christ to the receiver (I feel a whole essay coming on here. . .).  I’ve also realized since having Everett, that giving gifts to little people is in a big way also giving gifts to their parents–I found while working on the following that while I certainly hoped the children would enjoy the gifts, I recognized that kids can be fickle and have short attention spans.  But I really hoped and desired that their parents felt loved by my gesture toward their children, just as I have felt so well cared for by the many lovely gifts showered on Everett over the past year.  The following were all made months ago, just getting around to gathering the pics:)

Finger Puppets and Poem for William
I mentioned visiting my friend Sally and her family awhile back, and her son William had his 6th birthday about a month before we got together, so I wanted to have something for him.  Sally said his favorite animals (right now) are bats, and his favorite color is blue.  I set out to make a flock of bat finger puppets in different colors, then stumbled upon this poem by Walter de la Mer, who turned out to be one of Sally’s favorites, and copied it onto a little card:
All but blind

All but blind in his chambered hole,
Gropes for worms the four-clawed mole.

All but blind in the burning day,
The barn owl blunders on her way.

And blind as are these three to me,
So blind to someone I must be.

So I ended up with one bat, one mole, and one owl!

(Sweet William trying them out–I used my pinky finger as a model for size, worked perfectly!  We get to see this family again tonight at they are graciously letting us crash with them in London before we head on to our next destination on Monday)

Scrappy Lovees for Elsie and Evan
My cousin and his wife welcomed baby twins earlier this year, and as soon as I saw the first pictures on facebook I just HAD to make something for them!  Out of nowhere the idea for these little lovees hit me and I took off cutting up two old sweaters and t-shirts I had brought with me.
I made the bunny first, and this particular sweater stretched out WAY more than I expected when I stuffed the head, which is why it’s so much bigger than the lion!
The big seams I did on the machine, but the important little details were all done by hand; much easier that way.

Arm Warmers for Katy
So Katy is a grown woman so her hands aren’t exactly “little,” BUT they are much more slender and dainty and lovely than mine so I thought this project would fit in this post anyway.  I cooked up this idea the moment Katy mentioned having once seen something kinda like it and always regretted not buying them.  They’re also upcycled from an old sweater with some special lace from the Liberty store as a girly (and hopefully not too itchy) touch around the top!

Please let me know if you think tutorials for any of the above would be something you’d be interested in (or anything else you see here, by the way)–I want to do one for the little lovees, but they were so experimental that I feel like I’d have to do another few before I perfect them enough to write a pattern; the finger puppets were fun and easy and there are about a million similar things available out there on Etsy and the like–most of you who sew could probably figure out how to make them just by looking closely at the pictures, but it would take little to whip up a quick pattern and instructions.  So comment and I’ll get to work!


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3 responses to “A Little Handstitching for some Little Hands

  1. Katy Hutson

    May 10, 2011 at 2:31 am

    I absolutely love my arm warmers! With near-record warm days ahead, it’s hard for me to think of putting them in the drawer for now- hopefully I’ll get a moment to model them for you, if Story agrees! (By which I mean not only might I have a moment to take a picture, but to perhaps wash my hair before, as well…)

  2. Katy Hutson

    May 14, 2011 at 4:34 pm

    It’s me again. Can you please put a tutorial up for the little critters? Maybe I can handle them…

    • alltherestofit

      May 15, 2011 at 10:40 pm

      I’ll try! I can’t promise anything very soon just b/c I don’t know when I’ll have access to a scanner, but I will put it at the top of the list!


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