Makeshift Nourishment and (mis)Adventure

06 May

Grocery shopping here is a little tricky–things are expensive because of inflation and because most everything is imported.  The first night we were here Eric got some pre-marinated pork chops and I made them and mashed potatoes and steamed frozen veggies, which was actually pretty good (but not pretty, so no pictures:).  The next night we wanted soup and sandwiches, one of our big staples, but the only soup Eric could find at the store was powdered–ick, right?!  But actually, I made do, and mixed in some of the frozen veggies (cauliflower, broccoli, carrots) and the leftover pork chops all diced up, and it actually turned out to be pretty yummy and relatively nutritious, I guess.

Also, Eric made this lovely caprese salad last night, except with local gouda instead of mozzarella, ha! really tasty, actually: he sauteed the tomatoes with garlic, olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and the gouda added a nice bite to the overall flavor.

As you can probably tell from my lack of pictures, we haven’t done a whole lot of sight-seeing since we got here–Everett’s been sick and it’s been nice to hang out at this clean airy flat and try to establish a bit of routine with his napping and eating (Wednesday and Thursday we did almost nothing at all).  But we have had a couple adventures: On Monday we went to the mall, Kringlan, to try and find some bathing suits and go to the grocery store there.  On Tuesday it was lovely and sunny, I took Everett down to the Tjorn to feed the ducks and then we met Eric at the pool.  I know you’re thinking, wasn’t it just snowing there?  Yes, it was, and it was still only in the 40’s, but the pool is very heated, and there are several hot tubs of different temperatures, all heated geo-thermally.  I had been thinking this would be so fun to go do with Everett because he loves taking baths!  And he liked it, the pool at least; but the locker room, shower, the air outside of the pool, both before and after, were not so popular.  And neither were we since he screamed his head off the whole time.  No pictures of this–it was all I could do to hold and dress a screaming squirming slippery (and need I remind you, giant) baby, much less a camera.  Ah well, another time maybe.  He did fall asleep on the way home after wearing himself out with all that crying, and here are a couple pictures from that lovely sunny walk:

Looking across the Tjorn towards the harbor and the mountain called Esja (pronounced like "aysha")


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