Giveaway Winner and more Boy Sewing

05 May

So the lucky winner is alittleteteatete who said: Oh my goodness!!! ADORABLE!!! My sister is having her first baby soon, and I know he would love this! :-)

Thanks to everyone who commented!  I only got 10, but that was plenty, and all the sweet comments made me wish I had 10 hats to give away!

And keeping with the sweet theme of sewing for tiny humans, here are a few other items besides the hat I’ve made for Everett recently. (I’m loving the clean white washed floors and crisp light through the back door in this flat for taking pictures!!  Kinda glad I waited since our London flat was, well, dingey).
Pants!  Or as the British would say, trousers.  These are made using Anna Maria Horner’s pattern for Quick Change Trousers in her book Handmade Beginnings (Eric’s Mother’s Day Present to me last year).  They’re completely reversible, so I made a couple pairs to add to Everett’s limited wardrobe while we’re traveling–when he spits up on one side, I just flip them inside out:)
Both pairs have already been worn and washed, and I don’t have an iron here, so they’re a bit rumpled, but they wouldn’t be little boy pants if they weren’t!
Everett’s Easter pants, worn with a white button down (hand-me-down) and a sweater vest made by my mom’s friend Angela–no pictures b/c he was way too squirmy that day!!  I used a modified version of the pattern pieces from the Quick Change Trousers and Dana of Made’s tutorial for a flat front.  The fabric is upcycled from a favorite pair of my own trousers that got worn to death (also made some shoes for Everett and his little friend Jonathan–if they ever meet, that is:)–from this fabric).  I made them a bit too short, so they may become shorts very soon!
Bibs for my solids eating boy!  I used Made by Rae’s tutorial to make the pattern, which worked out beautifully, except that I had some trouble working out how to make my machine handle the slippery laminated cotton fabric, and I made the neck hole too big, oops.  I made three and gave one away.  Once again, these have already been worn and spilled on before I got a chance to photograph them, but you get the idea.  They work great!


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3 responses to “Giveaway Winner and more Boy Sewing

  1. alittleteteatete

    May 5, 2011 at 7:21 pm

    Thank you SO much! I’m excited.

    P.S. What a cutie!! Look at that smile! 🙂

  2. marta

    May 6, 2011 at 4:44 am

    Super cute pants! And I thought I recognized that fabric! 😉 We have gotten SO many compliments on his little shoes! They are almost too small, which makes me so sad! I need to sew him up some summery ones, I suppose.


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