Return to the North

01 May

Thankfully, the little Mac repair shop in Reykjavik was able to put in a new hard drive for a reasonable price yesterday, so I have a computer, hooray!  We were not prepared, however, to spend the money and possible several days for they guy to see what, if anything, he could recover from the old drive so I am still without all my settings and data from the past year (that’ll teach me, once again, to back up more often!)  But regardless, I’m back on to blogging and I have a wonderful week of hopeful posts planned. Here’s what I’ve got in mind:

1) Our Plans
First of all, here’s an updated itinerary (lots of people have asked me what we’re up to now that we’ve left London, so I thought I’d just put it in one spot):

April 29-May 8 : Reykjavik
May 9-May 15 : Shropshire, England with family friends the Bells
May 15-May 23 : Oxford, England
May 23- July 15 : Dutch L’Abri

A celebration, i.e. playing catch up, of things I managed to accomplish before saying good-bye to my machine and dedicated sewing space in London (b/c at least one post is all hand-sewn stuff, oh well).

3) Giveaway! 
Yes, a giveaway!  My husband has set himself the challenge of writing 2 letters a week over the summer while we’re in various locations (if you want to receive one, let me know–he’s particularly interested in the challenge of writing to people he doesn’t know very well so don’t let that stop you!), so I’ve set myself a similar challenge.  I’d like to make something and send it to someone each week.  The first one will open up tomorrow with complete rules for the giveaway in that post so stay tuned!!

4) Hanging out in Iceland
We are very excited to be back here (you can see one of my posts from almost 2 years ago here) and to introduce Everett to this place that we both love.  We plan to stay in the city of Reykjavik so Eric can get some research done at the University, so I’ll keep you apprised of what Everett and I find to do around here.  Sadly, however, I think the Naptime Destinations series must come to an end since SOMEBODY has given up sleeping so well while on walks!  We’ve found a lovely flat to rent for the week, so we may see some Teensy Weensy Cafe, playtime on the floor, and crafty type posts in addition to our adventures around town.  To get started, here are some pictures of a walk we took today in the very wet snow.  Yep.  Snow.

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