29 Apr

The three E’s, as both sides of our family have affectionately dubbed us, have all arrived safe and sound in Reykjavik!  We managed to get a bunch of luggage to a friends’ house in Hillingdon and all of us and the luggage we did bring with us, to the airport without any troubles resulting from the wedding and surrounding fanfare.  I was gutted (one of my favorite Brit phrases) to miss the wedding despite being in close proximity, but I’ve enjoyed watching the replays since we arrived.  We were only delayed slightly from takeoff due to some of the activity around Buckingham palace.

The delay I am referring to in the title is a blogging one–my hard drive has apparently died so I will not have a computer for who knows how long.  Eric has to do a lot of work while we’re here so I may get to check email and facebook a couple times a day, blogging will be more difficult.  I will keep taking pictures and hopefully get posts together here and there.  Thank you for your faithful reading, though, I have so much I still want to share!

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