Sick Sucks

13 Apr

So we’ve hit a bit of a rough patch over in this neck of the woods–Eric has come down with some sort of virus (we think) that’s causing some serious throat pain and a creepy icky rash that started on the palms of his hands, of all places.  Originally diagnosed with strep on Monday, the antibiotics have done little to nothing, so he went back to a GP today and they admitted him to the hospital for some tests.  He does not have a really high fever, and he’s mostly functioning normally besides the super sore throat and being really depressed about having to lay low while his parents are here and keep away from his little boy (plans for a trip to Ireland have been officially canceled, bummer).  At this point he seems to be on the mend, resting in a hospital room that’s nicer than some hotels.  Tests come back tomorrow but no one’s worried about any permanent damage.  If you’re the praying sort, we’d sure appreciate it or any thoughts and good mojo you wanna send this way.  I thought I’d just share a sweet picture of Eric and his little boy from our Paris trip last weekend (and spare you the ones of the rash on his hands that I took because it’s fascinating. . .what can I say? I may have majored in art history but I did grow up the daughter of a medical scientist).  We feel very VERY blessed to have Eric’s parents here to help me out with Everett and they are doing a wonderful job of taking care of me in some sweet subtle ways as well.


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2 responses to “Sick Sucks

  1. Andrea Baldwin

    April 13, 2011 at 9:03 pm

    OK—That’s about the cutest picture EVER!!! Wish you could print that out and take it to Eric! Everett looks like a little boy in this—not a baby! So—I’m truly hopeful (and praying it into being) that yesterday and today are the absolute peak of this illness. If it’s what I think it is, it should run about a 10-12 day course (hopefully at most that), and so, from onset of symptoms…(Friday or Saturday?), this should be about the peak….I’m pretty surprised they’re keeping him overnight. I don’t think they would here. Anyway—you’re a trooper, girl. You know we love you and will keep praying and praying!

  2. crystal

    April 14, 2011 at 12:31 pm

    I adore this picture of Everett!! It’s wonderful. And I’m so sorry Eric is sick. Carolyn emailed us this morning and let us know….we’ll be praying for him and for all of you. Please keep us posted. You’re on our hearts!


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