Extremely Belated Naptime Destinations: Victoria and Albert Museum

05 Apr

WEEKS ago, as in the end of February, Everett and I trekked over to the Victoria and Albert Museum in South Kensington (a mile or so from us) to meet my dear friend Sally.  Sally is the dean of the study abroad program I did in college, European Studies, and we struck up a friendship then (2005!) and have managed to stay in touch since.  She lives here in London with her husband Andy and son William (for whom I babysat a few times back when he was Everett’s age) and during the Spring she teaches adult education courses in medieval art history at the V&A.  We were finally able to have a lunch date that got our whole families together at her house up in Kentish Town last weekend, and I’ll be posting soon about the little present I made for her son William, but first we caught each other for lunch in the staff canteen at the V&A.  We talked for ages (as she and I always manage to do) before she finally had to go pick up William from school, at which point Everett had eaten and fell asleep so he I took just a quick stroll through a couple of the many many galleries at this monumental and eclectic collection of art and design.  I do hope to go back and look around some more–so hard to make time for all the amazing free things to do here!

The following are all from the Sculpture in Britain exhibition set up in rooms 22-24.  I just chose some of my favorites as we walked through, but I didn’t get titles/dates/artists for everything and website is selective, so forgive my lack of info!

How could I resist a delicate marble of a mother and child? And Everett’s just about to the stage where he can climb all over me like this!

This one I know–Bernini’s Neptune. Everett is clearly unphased by the threatening (and yet still imaginary) trident aimed at his head.

This is a Rodin that I love because he made it with no head or arms to look like an ancient sculpture that had been damaged (think Nike), kind of like a faux ancient effect or something, yet it looks so modern too. It was one of the first sculptures like this to be exhibited. Everett seems unimpressed.

Just another lovely Rodin.  Still Everett sleeps!

I have several things to share with you coming up, just in the process of organizing hundreds of pictures and thoughts.

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