Little Discoveries: Week. . .eh, whatever, I lost track

31 Mar

Ok, so once again I’ve fallen off the wagon with the blogging thing, big deal.  Here are a few fun discoveries plus a few unfortunate mishaps I’ve happily given the special edition title of “Little Disasters.”  Enjoy:

Borough Market is right by the London Bridge tube station and absolutely delightful–I am terribly sad I did not have my camera with me as the sights were nearly enough to whet my appetite for all the goodness.  Every type of food imaginable–rabbit, squid, sausage, fresh cheese, beautiful pastries, candy, ice cream, fresh veggies, mulled wine, chocolate, fresh baked bread, and on and on–all displayed beautifully beneath the railroad bridge in a covered (mostly) market with cobbled streets and stone arches, in the shadow of Southwark Cathedral, and accompanied by several pubs and restaurants.  I picked up some wild boar tortellini (more on that later), fresh cheese, and yummy cookies.

Daylight Savings Time kicked in here this past weekend, as opposed to two weeks ago in the States.  I’m not really a fan–it feels weird putting Everett to bed when it’s still SO LIGHT outside, and I’d much rather have that extra light when he wakes me up extra early.

To make sure Everett stayed on track with his immunizations, I had to do a little bit of work to figure out who would see us.  Turns out NHS (National Health Services) will only allow you to register at a surgery (doctors office/group practice) if you have at least a 6 month visa, so we went to a private hospital.  Saw a lovely french doctor who saw us in her office which was also the exam room, and where she did everything from taking our history to weight and measurement (he’s 21.5 lbs!) and administering the shots–didn’t even see a nurse.  Overall, a good experience (excepting the minor fever and crankiness that followed, but we’re all good now)

Hampstead Heath–got just a tiny taste of yet another one of London’s beautiful public parks when we visited my friend Sally last weekend.  She lives nearby so after a lovely lunch with her and her husband and little boy, we went for a brief walk because it was such a lovely day!

Rediscovered the Library across the street.  See this post for a little bit on that, but I also went back this week and came home with a couple books I’ve wanted to read for awhile (Brideshead Revisited and Arabian Nights) as well as Peter Pan, read brilliantly on CD as part of the Puffin Classics series.  I’m ADORING Peter Pan as a replacement for having the television on while I’m cooking or knitting or playing with Everett; the writing so beautifully and honestly characterizes the interior lives of both adults and children and the darker side of imagination that I’m realizing the many film versions could never possibly capture.  My favorite descriptions so far are those of the children’s mother at the very beginning of the book. . .perhaps I’ll have to share and expand on that a little bit in the future.

Realizing that British television is not quite so obsessed with wrapping up every loose end by the end of an episode or neatly finishing out a season of a show with just one cliffhanger, as most standard American programs do.  It’s driving me mad, and I love it.  Furthermore, many dramatic series (called a programmes) only have 6 or so episodes with no guarantee of another season (called a series, confusing, I know).   One of my favorites just wrapped up this week and I’m sick with all the unanswered questions.

Little Disasters
I’ll keep it short and leave a little to your imagination:
6 egg yolks on floor
6 egg whites into some chicken broth
Cold gravy on floor
Tea on wall
Carpet melted
Communion wine all over me, baby, and toy lamb


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2 responses to “Little Discoveries: Week. . .eh, whatever, I lost track

  1. marta

    March 31, 2011 at 10:03 pm

    Yes, I enjoyed Peter Pan too! Very surprising, and quite different then the movies (naturally)! I loved how the mother tidied up her children’s thoughts at the end of the day. 🙂


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