Update: Lent

11 Mar

Thanks, one and all, for your comments yesterday.  I have great hopes for this season and was very encouraged by the diversity of perspectives shared, and look forward to hearing more.  I do hope, however, that my post was not too egocentric; I was aiming for self-reflective, but there’s a fine line.  I’m glad to hear that it was at least intriguing to some.

I happened upon a couple tools that I think I will revisit regularly this Lent and thought I’d share them in case any of you might find them useful as well.  One is a list of menus and devotions to go along with lent, called Seasoning Lent, developed by the Christian Health Reader.  I really appreciate the approach these folks have taken in focusing on healthy eating as part of the connection between body and soul without getting either overly dogmatic or simplistic about it:
The second is a lovely album that a friend posted on Facebook the other day.  I have hardly had a chance to sit down and really listen with it yet, but I can already feel the power of these words and music seeping into my chores as I play it while I make breakfast and straighten up around here.  Each song represents a station of the cross.  You can get it for free (crazy!) from noisetrade, the download includes a booklet with lyrics and which station is represented:

(click on the images to go straight to the sites)

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One response to “Update: Lent

  1. stacey

    March 11, 2011 at 8:37 pm

    hey Emily! just found your blog last night, thanks to a link from Liz! it was great to catch up on you guys..(now i have you in my google reader!)…we miss you each Monday, but are glad you’re getting to have this awesome experience across the pond!

    i really am sad we didn’t ever have time to hang out more before you left…reading your posts on here made me feel like we have more in common than even what i realized before! (and your honesty in your posts was just generally refreshing 🙂 ) anyway, we’ll have to get together once you’re back in STL…if we’re still in town by then! take care! -Stacey


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