Homesick Rant

07 Mar

I know I haven’t blogged in awhile.  To be honest, I just haven’t felt like it.  I also start to feel awfully self-important when posting often, and we’ve been enjoying some quality down time around here.  We took a trip up to York and Durham, then Everett and I got a little sick (still kinda there), but this is not about any of that.  Today, on the most gorgeous day I’ve seen in London so far, when Everett managed to stay asleep (or not wake me up anyway) until 7:00am, and when all the laundry is actually done, I’m here to complain.  Because today I miss my house, with it’s giant dining room table, as I anticipate having family here and little more than a wobbly breakfast table that only seats 3 comfortably.
I miss my neighborhood coffee shops, calling up Sylwinn and her little’uns, and walking in the park on a day like today.
I miss my food processor, stand mixer, cake pans, full size cookie sheets, and my GAS oven and stove top for crying out loud!
I miss my self healing mat, giant ruler, rotary cutter, and a surface big enough to use them all.
I miss my studio in general.
I miss my rocking chair, oh how I miss my rocking chair!  My body is so sore just from rocking and bouncing and cradling this giant baby, especially when he’s sick.
I miss church, mostly Kathleen’s music and the micro-community in the cry room, but also prayer group.
I miss buying decent whole bean coffee at any old grocery store instead of spending a fortune at Whole Foods–what is the deal with all this pre-ground or instant crap?!
I miss NPR.  BBC is great, but it’s not the same.  And yes, I know I can get podcasts, but still.
I miss Castle, Modern Family, House, Lie to Me, Raising Hope, and basically any show that has more than 6 freakin’ episodes in a row
I miss my car.
I miss our neighborhood and living farther off one of the busiest streets in the city.
I miss our garden, starting seedlings, planning each square inch of the back yard, and getting my hands dirty (Ok, so that one was Eric’s, but he’s sick over not getting to grow anything this year–the basil plant from whole foods isn’t really cutting it)
I miss wine and brownies and art with Sara and Beth
I miss the rare but wonderful sewing/knitting/whatever-your-craft-is gatherings
I miss Old North, The Loop, Tower Grove South, South Grand, Skinker DeBalivier, Central West End, Grand Center, and Shaw.  (Notting, Hill, Kensington, The West End, are no replacement)
I miss getting in the car and driving just 5 hours to Nashville.
I miss prices in US Dollars
I miss measurements NOT in metrics
I miss my crappy vacuum cleaner that worked way better than the one I have to borrow from our neighbors here
I miss not paying for laundry
I miss calling my mom on my phone, not waiting for a time to skype
I miss our cats. (We got some news this morning that one of our cats isn’t doing so well. . .not sure if she’s sick or just not getting along with our gracious friends’ other cat, but it’s not good.  There’s nothing like feeling completely helpless in a situation like this to make you miss home.)

But I think that’s enough of a rant for now.  I will get out and enjoy this beautiful day, I will look forward to my family visiting in less than a week (!!), I will pray, and I will continue to make due with what we’ve got here, because let’s be honest, London is pretty awesome and I’m grateful to be here.

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One response to “Homesick Rant

  1. Courtney Holder

    March 9, 2011 at 3:24 pm

    well we miss you stateside too!! hugs.


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