Little Discoveries, Week 6

24 Feb

Hmmm, not a lot of interesting ones this week, but in the name of staying consistent, here we go:
1) We have been really enjoying television in the evenings.  We only have 5 channels, but we already have a few favorites:

  • One Man and his Campervan: Martin Dorey, campervan lover and passionate foodie, journeys around Britain in his 1970s classic campervan (looks like a VW bus with a tent on top) on the ultimate escapist adventure. Martin travels around the UK meeting growers, fishermen, farmers, larger-than-life local experts and fellow holiday makers. Martin forages for local delicacies and cooks for his new-found friends, creating local dishes in his small campervan kitchen.
  • A Farmers Life For me: An elimination competition where couples  (started with 10 I think, one is eliminated each week) perform farming challenges and the prize is their own farm in the English countryside!
  • The Chase: one of many many quiz shows, just the one we enjoy most.  We’ve noticed something about the game shows here: they’re all trivia based and none of them offer very much money; most of them, like The Chase, are all or nothing as far as winning goes.

Since many shows here only have 6 episodes or so, and they don’t always start on the hour or half hour, it’s really hard to figure out when what is on!  I had a couple shows I was getting into and then they were over!  Probably for the best.


2) The washing machine works w/o putting money in it if you pound the little box just the right way:)

Haha, I’ll just leave it at that for now.

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