Some Finished Projects

21 Feb

So this last week has been very productive!  I’ve done lots of fairly quick projects and finally finished up the bumper for the crib so I can show nursery pics.  Here we go:

Hats for the London Chill
This one was knit out of need for Eric who is sort of particular about how hats fit but also very hard on his hats (and all his clothes) so it had to be durable and cover his ears.  I used Debbie Bliss luxury Donegal chunky.  I had thought I would do one hat with a different cable in it, but couldn’t find the right yarn in the shops here, so I bought this and found a pattern that suited it.  It only took about two afternoons from cast-on to finish.  Everett wanted to try it on:)

I also decided I needed a pretty hat.  I have a big comfy warm one, but it honestly hasn’t been too cold here, so I just wanted something to take the little chill off my ears.  I brought a ball of Cascade 220 that was leftover from another project and happened to have the right needles too for my new favorite pattern ever:
Believe it or not, this pattern was extremely simple and went really fast.  My only trouble was that I had circular needles in the right size, but not dpn’s, so I got almost all the way finished then it sat for 2 weeks while I hunted for dpns (which I could have ordered online and gotten sooner, but what are ya gonna do. . .)

If you’re on ravelry, you can find these patterns and notes in my projects; my name is ebbahandmade.


A little something just for me (and the sake of everybody’s bare feet).

Toy Bin
To corral the growing number of brightly colored, stuffed, rattly things lying around the flat.  From this tutorial (but I made mine roughly 10″x10″ and very haphazardly slid cereal boxes in to support the sides–I would recommend very stiff interfacing instead, but I didn’t have any and had already spent too much at the haberdasheries!)







The Nursery
Nearly a month ago, we found a cheap crib (cot) online, we moved a bunch of furniture around (like my desk and a small trestle table), and gave Everett his own room while our room now doubles as a workspace for both Eric and I.  I had thought we’d keep him in our room a little longer, but he was no longer impervious to light (so we had to tiptoe around in the dark when we were ready for bed), and our room got very cold whereas the second room has the only new windows in the building and is small enough to stay very warm.
It took me awhile, but I finally got a bumper made from some fabric I brought with me–decided he needed something b/c he kept rolling over and getting stuck in the rungs, so despite buzz about SIDS, I made one from fabric but left out any batting, so it’s a little more breatheable.
I made long strips out of the orange octopus and seahorse fabric (by Heather Ross, HERE is a better close up of the pattern) and a plain undyed slubby cotton muslin.  I basted them together and used bias tape that I folded from the green fabric (no picture sadly) for the binding and ties.  So it’s just a long strip of fabric with Velcro at each end which is how it’s held one.  I left it at that at first, but then the middle started to sag so I added the ties this past weekend.  I was going to make a sheet for the mattress out of the green fabric, but I made about a million mistakes with cutting it out and made it impossible for myself. . .oops.

That sweet sailboat painting was already in the flat, I just moved it from our room, and has a lot of the same colors as in the bedding.  The nice yellow curtain was also already here–sweet, right!?

We brought along lots of baby stuff, but most importantly, some handmade keepsakes from some very special people.  You can see on the end of the bed in the top picture the brown jungle print blanket made by Grandma Jean.  Draped over the cot is a quilt made by our dear friend Gwen Durham, and this awesome wall hanging was made by my friend Eva all from t-shirts!

We use the little twin bed for a multipurpose surface–changing diapers, clothes, nursing, reading stories, etc.  It’s great to have a spot just for him.

I think he likes it too.




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3 responses to “Some Finished Projects

  1. Hannah B

    February 22, 2011 at 12:20 am

    I love the picture of everett in eric’s hat. so so much. also the one of him sleeping. he’s precious. and i miss him. woops

  2. Courtney Holder

    February 25, 2011 at 10:23 pm

    love the hat! fuzzy comfort on your head. sigh.


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