Naptime Desinations: The National Gallery via Trafalgar Square

18 Feb

So I decided after a couple afternoon outings that leaving the house after noon when Everett’s ready for his afternoon nap means coming home at rush hour–not fun getting a pushchair on and off the tube and up and down the stairs (even with others’ kind assistance) when 7 million Londoners are using the same means to get home at the end of a long day!  So I’ve started aiming to get out by his middle nap of the day, usually around 10:30-11am.  This is what we did yesterday, even made it to the National Gallery in time for me to go on a tour while he was still mostly asleep (though he did wake up close to the end and totally stole some attention with his giggles).

We made a day of it, and I really think Everett genuinely enjoyed all there was to see–the collection has a lot of huge paintings by Rubens, Titian, Tintoretto, Rembrandt, and even many of the walls are colored to reflect the original context for the works.  Plus there were school children everywhere laughing and smiling which he loved.  I strolled around, looking for some old favorites and discovering some new ones, then I got a little lunch in the cafe and even managed to change and feed him in one of the handicap bathrooms.  After the National Gallery we walked to the Institute of Contemporary Arts for a brief peek–I wasn’t so much interested in the current exhibition as the bookstore and lecture schedule.

Unfortunately, the National Gallery does not allow any kind of photography inside, a bummer b/c I was really hoping to show Everett in front of The Arnolfini Wedding, The Ambassadors, or Bathers at Asniers but some exterior  pics may have to do.

Naptime in Trafalgar Square
(before and after the National Gallery)
On the tube, crowded even at 10:30am on a Thursday

Enjoying the characteristically clouded view of Nelson’s Column with Big Ben in the background. . .perfect day to spend napping inside a great museum
Fully appreciating the Classical influence on the Gallery’s portico
Fully awake at lunch time!
This is the reason I only carried £5 with me–the cafe was beautiful, I could’ve blown a lot on pastries just b/c they were pretty.  But I’m saving for a stack of childrens art books from the National Gallery shop!
Aaaaand back to sleep in the Sainsbury Wing, looking out onto the crowded square.
The sun (sort of) came out while we were inside!
Baby in a bear suit vs. giant bronze lion in a staring (at Big Ben) contest
fountain=most elaborate white noise machine ever

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