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15 Feb

In addition to Valentine’s day, Eric’s birthday is Feburary 12th, which also happens to be the anniversary of our first date (wonder why!)  This year that marked 6 years for the date, I won’t tell you how old Eric is, and I realized that it also means we’re coming up on having known one another for a full decade!!  I got very excited about having friends here and thought this past weekend would be the perfect occasion for a little party.  I spent practically the whole week getting ready, as I recognized the fact that everything takes several times longer than it used to with the little man, and since it was a brunch get together, I knew I could do nothing the day of (Saturday).  I’ll include a few select pictures, but you can see more HERE at Flickr.

The cake was from this amazing recipe at Smitten Kitchen.  Some notes in case you’re interested: I made a couple simple changes just b/c of what I had available to me:

  • First of all, the cream cheese I used in the icing wasn’t as, well, creamy as I’m used to.  I bought a cheaper products labeled “soft cheese” that said it was ideal for baking, but it had a little more liquid in it than I expected.  When it didn’t whip up right away as I expected, I got really nervous–then I turned my dinky little hand mixer up to high and whipped for awhile and suddenly I had this amazing silky creamy perfect icing!
  • Second, I used crunchy peanut butter, and it worked just fine and added some nice texture, I thought.
  • For the glaze, I used Lyle’s Golden Syrup, a British tradition, instead of corn syrup.  I didn’t even bother looking for corn syrup b/c I’d been wanting an excuse to try Lyle’s anyway and I was pretty sure it would work.  It did, yum!
  • Also for the glaze, I only made half the batch b/c I didn’t have enough chocolate (for shame!) but it turned out to be more than enough.
  • I also couldn’t find 1/2 and 1/2 so I used some single cream and regular milk, just adding until it seemed a good pouring consistency.

The other dessert I made were lavender sugar cookies from this super simple recipe. So yummy–perfect with a simple confectioners sugar glaze (try the recipe on the box!) on top.  They’re a little bitter without icing, and the sweetness just brings out the lavender beautifully.
I think the food was the prettiest part of the party, but you can see pictures and descriptions of some decorations over at Flickr.  That link again is right HERE.

Furthermore, I’ve started a YouTube channel as we love taking videos of Everett, so there are about three of them over there now.  Here’s the LINK.


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