Afternoon Nap Destination: Tate Modern

08 Feb

Wow, these days are just zipping by so fast it’s scaring me!  With Everett getting older and needing a little more structure, I’ve been thinking a lot about routine lately.  One conclusion I’ve definitely come to is that one reason that I’ve always claimed to not be a “routine kinda person” is actually because I like routines, they feel comfy, but all it takes for me to start spiraling into depression is for the set routine to get just a little bit off.  This sounds dramatic, but truly, I have a tendancy to anchor all my hopes and expectations on certain things happening at certain times, and when they don’t, I lose it.  But if there is no routine, there’s nothing to get messed up, and I can freely think of myself as “flexible” and “low key.”  But another thing about routine, as we have necessarily found ourselves in a relatively consistent one since moving here, is that I really think it makes the days feel like they’re just zipping by– What, dinner time again?  didn’t we, like, just eat dinner?  That was YESTERDAY?  Anyway, all that to say that I wanted to post about last Thursday’s outing by Saturday and all of a sudden it’s Tuesday.  What the. . .?

Third thing I’ll say about routine: I’ve discovered the best times of day to go out adventuring with Everett are typically around the time he needs to go to sleep for a nap and soon after he’s eaten and been changed.  He falls asleep pretty easily in the stroller and likes the rhythm of the tube so this works–good for me b/c I get to do the things I want, good for him because he usually sleeps longest when on the move!  SO, I want to do a little series on the places I take him when he’s completely dead to the world and couldn’t care any less about his awesome surroundings.

So here’s

Naptime at the Tate Modern

Our desintation in sight, just across the Millenium Bridge

With Josef Albers' two studies for Homage to the Square paintings

Nothing like a room full Garhard Richter to soothe one into a trance

Showing his full appreciation for Monet's iconic Waterlillies

Could he BE any more excited about this introduction to Cy Twombly?

After the Tate, we met up with my friend Hannah at the Courtauld Gallery.  Hannah is working on her MA in art history at the Courtauld Institute and gave us a great introduction to this gem of a collection.  Sorry, no pictures b/c she and I were talking the whole time:)

As if it hasn’t been already, my posting this week will probably be a little sparse because I have several big projects that need to get done–stuff for Everett’s room and Eric’s birthday on Saturday!  We’re having a little brunch here in the flat, so between sewing projects, I’ll be cleaning, baking and decorating, while also trying to keep an increasingly active 4-month-old occupied!  I promise good pictures next week, AND I’m attempting to figure out the best way to upload videos to share with you all as well.


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2 responses to “Afternoon Nap Destination: Tate Modern

  1. Gail Havens

    February 8, 2011 at 12:57 pm

    Emily – I am enjoying your posts, and am glad you are enjoying yourself so much.

  2. Kathleen Thro

    February 11, 2011 at 8:43 pm

    I enjoyed the coverage of Everett at the art gallery! Good strategy.


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