Little Discoveries, Week 3

03 Feb

Ooh, I just put a bundle of Valentines in the mail and I SO wish I could show you how they turned out, but I’ll wait till the recipients get ’em so I don’t spoil the surprise!  But I can give you this week’s set of Little Discoveries:

  •! A lot like Craigslist, I found an umbrella stroller (aka pushchair) that has made our adventuring much easier.
  • Toes!! Ok, so this one is Everett’s—he’s really into his toes, though he’s just millimeters away from getting them into his mouth, which is sometimes frustrating.
  • Clipper tea—Ok, I admit it, I’m a total sucker for beautiful packaging, and these boxes just did me in. But as much as I love Earl Grey, I had a hankering for something more interesting. Really what I wanted was a Monks Blend or Naughty Vicar from the London Tea Room in St. Louis (go figure!), and Clipper’s White Tea with Vanilla has fit the bill thus far!
  • Jordans and Dorset Cereals granola, granola bars, and muesli. . .mmmmmmmm
  • After lots of searching and even a baffled Eric returning from the store empty handed, we figured out that powdered or confectioners sugar is called icing sugar. But it doesn’t end there—there’s royal icing sugar, fondant icing sugar, and just plain icing sugar. Finally ready to make some shortbread!
  • Perhaps the most important discovery of the week (or last few weeks) is that there is no better recipe for creativity than a little free time and limited resources!  Trying to make all kinds of things despite a lack for the right materials/ingredients (either because I’m not sure where to find them or don’t have the funds) has lead to some frustrating moments but also some fantastic ingenuity and results..
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One response to “Little Discoveries, Week 3

  1. Andrea Baldwin

    February 3, 2011 at 2:20 pm

    It is sooo true. I remember having 2 little, little ones, living in Iowa during Jan/Feb–very, very cold and windy out, one or both kids with fevers, runny noses, chicken pox, whatever….and trying to think of something we could do to keep from going crazy—home-made Valentine’s, baking, craft supplies, silly songs and dancing at the piano, etc…..these are the things we do to make the most of any given situation—and out of these situations come some of the best memories!! Love you!


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