Little Discoveries, Week 2

28 Jan

The weather has turned on us again and I’m emerging from a bit of a funk after a week of grey cold and rain, but here’s the second installment from my running list of new experiences:

  • The store brand of marshmallows contain only the same ingredients as if you made them at home, no preservatives or other weird stuff. This means they melt really fast in boiling hot cocoa and make gooey sticky yumminess.
  • More vocabulary: plasters=band-aids (thanks, Hannah), crèche=nursery, as in during church (took me awhile to figure that out), whereas nursery=preschool; pants=underwear, whereas trousers=pants
  • Nature Babycare diapers (excuse me, nappies) cost about the same as huggies or pampers, so I opted to go with those instead of cloth while we’re here. I love cloth, but it involves more schlepping than I want to do when we’re about town sans automobile
  • A shop that sells sewing notions (i.e. everything for sewing besides fabric, like lace and trims, buttons, snaps, elastic, Velcro, needles, thread, etc. etc..) is called a haberdashery! More on this when I actually get to go to one.
  • Doing the dishes is called “washing up,” even the dish soap is labeled “washing up liquid”
  • Holland Park is a treasure, I hope to share pictures soon!
  • I’m very grateful for the escalators in the Notting Hill Gate tube station—all three of them between the District/Circle lines and the Central Line
  • Little Stars play group at International Presbyterian Church in Ealing—what fun!  A bit of a hike from where we are, but I figured out which bus to take once I got off the tube, and it’s absolutely worth it for a bit of community with an international flare–met women from Holland, France, and (would you believe it?) Montana!  some of these I met first at the crèche at church on Sunday (for Grace & Peacers, this is more like our “cry room” than a nursery per se)
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