So. . .what I meant was. . .

15 Dec

So by “November” what I really meant was “December of NEXT YEAR” since that what it is now.  Looking back at my last post from just over a year ago, it feels like a lot yet somehow very little has changed in my life.  I’m still that girl who overload her schedule with projects and is once again scrambling to get them all done.  One big difference about this year is that very shortly we will be moving to England for several months, so I want to get this blog up and running and ready to update regularly so those of you who wish to may keep up with all the crazy adventures of the Bryan family.  I have lots of fun stuff to share: projects I’ve finished and will happily brag about, neverending lists of new projects, hopes and fears about the coming months abroad, and, oh yeah, I’ve got a kid now (see below), and he’s totally awesome, so there’s a good chance some gushy mommy stuff might sneak into the regular posts.

Now, any of my amazingly talented designer friends want to help me redesign this blog, or the banner at least?  Not only am I clueless about that type of thing, but my adobe creative suite is out of date.  Help!

Everett Shane, the newest Bryan

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