Jumping In

03 Jul

After many months of considering starting a blog, I’ve finally worked up to it. I feel the need to share more about what I’m up to lately, both with people I love and hopefully some new faces, and Facebook just wasn’t quite cutting it (I mean really, did NOBODY see my status that I hung out with Sigur Ros last night? “hung out” being a very relative term, of course. . .)

I chose the name “. . .and all the rest of it” because I was thinking of phrases the English use that always caught me off guard when I was in England and had English professors. I had one particular history professor who always said “and all the rest of it” in key places when really, none of us knew what all the rest of it was, leaving huge aggravating gaps in our notes. Like when an American says, “and, well, YOU know” and really, you don’t. But I also thought it would sort of cover lots of topics, since I couldn’t narrow down any one thing I wanted to muse about here.
I hope to use this as a platform to on which to structure my thoughts about everyday life, projects, and other happenings, as well as to exercise my writing skills and get you all involved with the process as well. More on how I hope to structure it all later.
To start, I’ll just leave you with a picture of the lovely place I happen to be living for a couple weeks: Reykjavik, Iceland.



One response to “Jumping In

  1. Luz

    July 6, 2009 at 4:44 pm

    Yay! Excited to keep up with your travels. And I’m thoroughly jealous of your proximity to Sigur Ros. 🙂


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